Free Open Source Modbus swiss army knife.


Master simulator

Quickly read a specific register from a Modbus device. Not sure of the byte or word order? Byte and word swap on the fly.


Slave simulator

Simulate a slave device and manupulate data in real time. Supports float and int data types. No more calculations in Excel and calculator to determine hex values.


RTU Scanner

Not sure of an RTU node's address? Want to see active nodes on the network? RTU scanner provides a fast visual representation of active nodes.

  • Free to use

    Built on top of Open Source libraries. Free to use modify and distribute.

  • Platform agnostic

    ModbusMechanic runs on any platform that runs java. Tested on Linux, MacOS and Windows.

  • Built for speed

    Built with a slim codebase for a limited memory footprint. No extra drivers necessary.

  • Fast node scanner

    Find active slave nodes quickly with the node scanner. Scan an entire RTU network in as little as 3 seconds.

  • RTU Bus Monitor

    Observe RTU packets in human readable form to troubleshoot device communications.

  • RTU to TCP gateway

    Gateway function allows RTU devices to be exposed on a TCP network.

Download Java and ModbusMechanic and start troubleshooting.

Download Java
Download ModbusMechanic